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Tax Migration Services

Moving abroad is difficult, but your taxes don't have to be the reason why. Whether you're a US citizen moving to Australia or a migrant moving to the US, count on US Global Tax for the expert tax advice you need.

Our leading tax migration services will help you familiarize yourself with the tax laws in your new country and ensure you're setup to file your taxes appropriately moving forward. Contact the tax experts at US Global Tax today to make your tax migration as smooth as possible.

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Leading Tax Expert Advice for Migration

As an Australian or American living overseas, you'll need help transitioning your tax filing procedures. We can help. At US Global Tax, we offer leading tax expert advice regarding common taxation concerns, such as:

⦁ What will your filing obligations be as a US citizen overseas?
⦁ How will taxes work? Will you pay double tax?
⦁ What will happen if you sell your property?
⦁ What happens with your 401K or IRA?
⦁ Can you keep your US self-employment business or rental property?


We've helped countless clients with these questions, among many others. We've also provided guidance and insight with more complex tax tax issues involving corporations and trusts. This is our area of expertise. From capital gains and worldwide income to child tax credits and income tax returns, our aim is to make your tax migration as smooth as possible, covering all the bases in the United States as well as your new home country.

For migrants moving to the US, these tax obligations may seem daunting. State taxes and new filing thresholds are enough to trip up many new arrivals. US Global Tax provides friendly advice on what you will need to do, and how your new obligations will affect you int he long term.

In addition, retaining Australian income sources such as rental properties can have complex US tax implications. It is far more cost-effective to get the right advice up front, rather than attempt to clean up a mess years down the line.

US Expat Taxes Made Easy

American expats living in a foreign country have their own tax migration concerns. If you need help getting acquainted with the Australian Taxation Office or filing FinCEN Form 114, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, or your foreign tax credit, we can help.

Reach out to us today and arrange a friendly discussion. Moving abroad is tough. We'll help ensure your taxes are the least of your worries.

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