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Doing Business in the US

Are you living and working in Australia but thinking about doing business in the US? Investing in US business interests comes with a complex range of tax reporting requirements for everything from large international corporations to self-employed small businesses. That said, the US is a potentially lucrative place to invest in everything from stocks, rental properties, and a host of other investment opportunities.

If you’re ready to do business in the USA, your first step should be to consult with a local US tax specialist that can help you along your journey. At US Global Tax, we understand the minefield of withholding requirements that foreign companies face when owning and operating business entities in the US.

“US sourced” and “foreign sourced” income can be difficult to classify. The definitions of each, according to the IRS, are intricate and often very minor. However, knowing the difference is important, as is understanding “effectively-connected income”. These are complicated regions of US tax law, and expert assistance can be a huge help. Fortunately, US Global Tax can assist with you efforts to operate business interests in the United States, thanks to our effective tax planning strategies and reporting assistance. Speak with us today to see how we can help you.

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Investing in US Business Interests

Accounting for nearly 30% of all economic activity around the globe, the United States is one of the most lucrative places to do business. However, the road to business success in the US is lined with additional obstacles for people living in working Australia. The US tax treat with Australia limits your exposure to double taxation, but you’ll still have to file extra withholding documents when reporting your US income taxes.

If you’re ready to invest in US business culture, get in touch with the helpful tax specialists at US Global Tax. With our experience with federal, state, and local taxes in the US, we can help you meet all necessary reporting requirements.

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