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About Us

 US Global Tax Ltd is an expatriate tax practice, specialising in US tax compliance. Assisting thousands of US citizens over the years, our firm has become known for its expertise in the field of both Australian – US and NZ – US taxation.

We have combined staff experience of more than 20 years of specialist US expatriate taxation, assisting a client base from students with limited income up to multi-national corporations. We assist not just expats from the US with their tax needs, but also New Zealand and Australian citizens who have moved, or are considering a move to the US.

With offices in both Australia and New Zealand, our ability to quickly respond to our client’s needs is unrivaled. We are experts in United States taxation and the implications of FATCA legislation for US citizens residing overseas.

We are able to assist individuals, trusts, companies and all other entities in ensuring cross-border tax obligations are met.

Unlike many web companies offering their services, we are:

  • Local, with physical offices in both Australia and New Zealand
  • All work is completed in-house
  • Professional, qualified and experienced staff
  • Maintaining the use of high-tech software to ensure quality

We put our clients first, and provide a tailored service. We do this with a strong reputation for our jargon-free yet expert customer service, and our use of cutting edge technology ensuring efficiency.

For any US (or non-US citizen) needing expert advice or tax return preparation, we are the specialists best placed to help.

If you’re unsure of your US tax obligations, or what FATCA means to you, contact our friendly team today.

Our Team

Lance Morris

Managing Director- Operations BBS (Accountancy) LIA

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Tony Eaton

Managing Director – Business Development

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Larisa Zhukovskaya

Head of Taxation - IRS Enrolled Agent

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David Tzimenakis

Manager of Client Services - IRS Enrolled Agent - Certified Acceptance Agent

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Matthew Twine

Senior US Tax Specialist - IRS Enrolled Agent

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April Fu

Tax Accountant - IRS Enrolled Agent

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Shalen Singh

Chartered Accountant - IRS Enrolled Agent - US Taxation Specialist

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Vivian Yang

Tax Accountant - IRS Enrolled Agent

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Terry Kim

US Tax Accountant - IRS Enrolled Agent

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Gottfried Ye

US Tax Specialist

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Nelka Alexander

FinCEN Specialist

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